Co-Creating Content: Synergistic Strategies that Make Marketing More Effective and More Fun


I had the opportunity to interview Sue Urda, co-founder of Powerful You Publishing, about how her company applies the concept of co-creation to their business model. Sue and her partner, Kathy Fyler, have published multiple Amazon #1 best selling books, co-written by 40 different authors. They are consistently successful, in part due to their passion and commitment to their mission, but also due to the co-creation process they follow. The full interview is available here:

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Learn how you can apply some of these same principles in your own approach to social media marketing…and in other aspects of your life, too.

A few highlights:

  • Specialization. When team members share their diverse strengths, it allows everyone to bring their best and to benefit from others’ expertise.
  • Removing obstacles. Marketing — much like writing a book — can feel like a daunting task. When you run into a technical glitch or encounter writer’s block, it’s easy to feel “stuck.” Support from the team helps you get past these set backs much more quickly.
  • Synergy. Example: on book launch day, all 40 authors offer a special free gift to people who buy the book on that day. Doing this alone, a new author would likely not have a list sufficient to make this work, but by 40 working together, it becomes much more possible.
  • Clarity. Sometimes we’re too close to our own story to be able to see how it might be most interesting or relevant to our target audience. Working with team members provides a valuable sounding board.
  • Accountability. Being part of a team and committing to deadlines makes it less likely to lose track of the project.
  • Co-promotion. Marketing can feel like “tooting your own horn.” Being part of a team means you get to talk up one another’s success, which is usually easier than talking about ourselves. The benefit to you? You get great testimonials and social sharing support from team mates that may be able to share your message to new networks.
  • Fun! Being part of a diverse team that you enjoy working with adds positive energy to the venture and also allows to share the shared successes.


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