Client Success Story: Stradella Reeds Multiplied Revenues 10x through Online Efforts

I interviewed Larry Allen, owner of not one but two small businesses — Stradella Reeds and, a brand new consulting businesses offering daily support for teachers. We talked about some differences and similarities between the two online campaign launches. The full interview is available here:

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Stradella Reeds attracted over 50,000 hits on YouTube and grew revenues from their part-time business from $5,000 to $50,000 annually over the course of just a few years by implementing some key strategies:

A few highlights:

  • Work ahead. Since this was a part-time effort, time management was of the essence. We determined a formula for content creation that allowed for administrative work to be delegated.
  • High Quality, “Evergreen” Content. We spent a lot of time thinking about Stradella’s target audience and developed content we thought would be highly useful.
  • Channel Choice. Most clients I work with rely heavily on Facebook and/or Twitter; Google+ and YouTube were the channels of choice for Stradella. We go into further detail about the reasons on the podcast, listen if you’d like to learn why.
  • Natural. Larry was a natural in front of the camera and video lent itself well to the educational nature of the content he created.

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