Getting Mocial (Mobile + Social) with Luxe Wagon: How Smart Marketing Helped Their Business Launch

Luxe Wagon Truck 2I interviewed Dot Kesling, partner/owner of Luxe Wagon, a mobile fashion business that launched in April 2014. Dot and her business partner, Paige Fessenden, have been friends for a long time. They share a passion for fashion and art and both love meeting new people and building relationships, so a mobile boutique seemed the perfect business for them.

A mobile business with frequently changing merchandise poses some uniquemarketing challenges, but the pair has embraced a highly personalized, engaging visual style that has suits their skills and situation perfectly.

Listen in to learn about Luxe Wagon’s successful marketing blend. The full interview is available by clicking the purple icon to the right.

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Luxe Wagon attracted 1000+ Facebook fans within just a few months. They produce beautiful photography they share on multiple social platforms. Since they are mobile, it’s also critical for them to share their schedule with fans.

A few success tips from Luxe Wagon:

  • Work ahead. Use time blocking to work on similar tasks. Dot schedules several weekly Facebook posts in advance. She also sets aside a different time block to do photo shoots to make sure they have the high quality content they want.
  • Check in. Once they’re set up in their location, Dot tweets and posts Instagram pics to let fans know they’ve arrived and are ready for them.
  • Engage. Luxe Wagon does a great job of tagging their customers who sometimes model their clothing and jewelry. They also tag the locations where they appear, which helps create mutually beneficial buzz for both Luxe Wagon and the host location.
  • Play to your strengths. Dot is an interior designer and photographer so producing beautifully arranged photos comes quite naturally for her. She conveys the special feel of their unique products through her artistic images.
  • Have fun! Dot and Paige enjoy hearing their customers’ stories and often form friendships that go beyond their shopping experience. This allows for online sharing of special moments that arise from the authentic shared experience at the wagon.

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